Passion. Process. Patience.OUR SPIRITS

The love we have for premium spirits and desire to showcase the true essence of the raw materials we use comes through in our approach to developing our line of handcrafted products. Attention to detail and a respect for the methods used and time required to create these unique expressions, sets us apart.

Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey
Our Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey is distilled from a 100% Colorado-grown Elbon rye mash. The grain is grown in Burlington, CO. Our rye whiskey is then aged for a minimum of 2 years in new charred American Oak barrels. With strong spice and herbaceous notes along with traditional caramel and a dryness on the palate, our Colorado Straight Rye whiskey is a true expression of what rye can become when it is crafted into a whiskey.
Colorado Straight Wheat Whiskey
Batch #1 of our Colorado Straight Wheat Whiskey is distilled from a mash of 50% red wheat and 50% white wheat. The grain is grown in Burlington, CO. Our wheat whiskey is then aged for a minimum of 2 years in new charred American Oak barrels. Sweeter and more grain forward than our Straight Rye Whiskey, our Colorado Straight Wheat Whiskey is an expression for grain lovers.
This whiskey is our fun little side project. A few times a year we will release a whiskey that is either an experimental mash bill, aged in non-traditional cask sizes, random blends, or something that is completely off the wall. It's supposed to be fun and gives us a chance to play around with flavors. We hope you enjoy it. This is our Side Gig...What's yours?

Serving Suggestion: Old Fashioned
Our Agave Blanco is made from 100% Organic Blue Agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico. We distill our fermented agave wash through our hybrid pot and 4-plate column still to produce a flavorful and clean, unaged and unadulterated, spirit.

Serving Suggestion: Spicy Margarita
Our Agave Especial is aged for a select number of months in various oak casks to include used Llamas Family Wines' cabernet sauvignon barrels and used rye whiskey barrels. Each single barrel release is a unique expression.

Serving Suggestion: Agave Old Fashioned
A delicate balance of our botanicals with juniper on the nose and citrus, black pepper and lavender on the palate. Our Small Batch Gin is fragrant, floral and delicate, a pleasing expression for both the novice and connoisseur.

Serving Suggestion: Bee's Knees
Our award-winning Gin is rested in new, charred, American Oak barrels for 3-9 months highlighting the citrus and spice notes in the gin and marrying them with traditional whiskey flavors.

Serving Suggestion: Neat, sitting in a leather chair in front of the fire.
Made from 100% evaporated sugar cane juice, our Silver Rum is bright, green, floral and fun.

Serving Suggestion: Mojito
Our Vodka is made from 100% corn, proofed with local “Rocky Mountain Snowmeltâ€, culminating in a pleasingly neutral and smooth spirit.

Serving Suggestion: Dirty Martini